Let's (slowly) get started...

Everyone has interests, hobbies, talents, and creative ideas. It's great sharing - getting feedback and giving feedback when asked. Years ago, when I attended the Cleveland Institute of Art, we became a family with the Cleveland Institute of Music students. It was great - artists and musicians coming together and sharing thoughts.

I really miss those days of listening to others speaking about new innovations, sharing their thoughts and opinions. Sometimes, I think how sad it is that society has closed up a lot of minds - fear of sharing ideas and having open discussion.

When graphic art (fine art) totally disappears, humanities will be gone. Yes, we do have the technology of using computer software to create images. It's great having this tool - but, it's only a tool to enhance Commercial Art.

I hope the days of Picasso and other creative artists (using paint brushes and canvases) never stops or goes away.

Unfortunately, small art galleries are disappearing. Cities are attempting to save local artists by allowing us to hang our paintings in City Halls.

I am an artist. My first husband was a musician. Soul-wise, it was a beautiful relationship of communication, listening, and understanding each other. Artists and musicians are rare people (yet, we seem to be many). Creativity is rare (yet, many have the abilities).

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Over the Edge.......

It's June ...... the year is passing quickly.  Freezing cold to boiling heat .... in two months.  It's enough to take you "over the edge" (painting is from a photo of looking down from Grandfather's Mountain in North Carolina).  Chuck took the photo before a large overcasting storm hit the other side of the mountain (where he was) opposite direction of where  my daughter and I were playing around a small pond at the bottom of Grandfather's mountain.  We discovered a water snake (poisonious) slethering around the rocks where we were sitting and playing (poking sticks into the water).  I always like water, wherever it is!!  So, beware of surroundings when playing around water!!  We stepped back quickly, and walked away until Chuck came down from the "mile long rope bridge" (that attracted him to experience the mountain expedition).  My daughter and I never saw the storm on the other side of the mountain, and he never saw the water mocassin that slethered in the rocks by the water .... it was a fun day.

Chuck had fun watching the storm move in and I enjoyed the photos that he had taken while at the top of the mountain.  It was hard to believe there was a storm with lightening and dark clouds on the other side (where he was).  I half heartedly believed it was as bad as he described - but, when I saw his photos after having them developed (no digital camera back then) I was in awe!!  He's always practical; I just didn't believe it was as bad as it was... considering, my daughter and I saw nothing - only a blue sky!!!!