Let's (slowly) get started...

Everyone has interests, hobbies, talents, and creative ideas. It's great sharing - getting feedback and giving feedback when asked. Years ago, when I attended the Cleveland Institute of Art, we became a family with the Cleveland Institute of Music students. It was great - artists and musicians coming together and sharing thoughts.

I really miss those days of listening to others speaking about new innovations, sharing their thoughts and opinions. Sometimes, I think how sad it is that society has closed up a lot of minds - fear of sharing ideas and having open discussion.

When graphic art (fine art) totally disappears, humanities will be gone. Yes, we do have the technology of using computer software to create images. It's great having this tool - but, it's only a tool to enhance Commercial Art.

I hope the days of Picasso and other creative artists (using paint brushes and canvases) never stops or goes away.

Unfortunately, small art galleries are disappearing. Cities are attempting to save local artists by allowing us to hang our paintings in City Halls.

I am an artist. My first husband was a musician. Soul-wise, it was a beautiful relationship of communication, listening, and understanding each other. Artists and musicians are rare people (yet, we seem to be many). Creativity is rare (yet, many have the abilities).

Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh yes, I forgot two turtles -
                       one, above the water on a rock -
                                    and other one, in the water below!!!

                        These two turtles - 

                                            looked like reflections in a mirror or window!!!!
                                   (I'm still into graphic art, just expanding my visions)

My Dad would have loved Techology (as he loved Nature)

Wow, now I know how my Father felt at this age.  He was growing up when the Wright Brothers just got off the ground - and the Model T had just started up on dirt roads.  Here I am (along with others who are "over the hill") working with technology - Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and all the other internet items.  Who would think bringing in a DSL Line, hooking it up to a wireless router (along with connecting computers and televisions) - and whala, we get Netflix and other internet items on LCD, plasma, or LED televisions using HD and creating wi-fi in electronics!  Don't forget all the other technology - cell phones, mp-3s, wii's, 360 boxes, ereaders, and tablets. I grew up with tubes in the television, short wave radios, and morris code!!

GETTING BACK TO NATURE - to Sea Critters and More - I like quiet beaches, the mountains, walks in the woods, sunshine, and the sounds of nature. I heard a song by Nick Zuber talking about looking at the "Windows", not the computer windows; but, actual glass panes on a house, seeing nature and real life outside his house. Check his songs out - terrific!

 I recently visited the New Greater Cleveland Aquarium at the old Power House on the Waterfront.  Beautiful inside - the fish and coral will need time to grow and expand.  I loved the overhead tunnel!!!!!!! 

  Sea Critters will love it!!!